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Why choose UMG?

UMG offers a commitment and pro-active passion to the ongoing development of knowledge based processes required to effectively manage and surpass client expectation.


Welcome To UMG


UMG has been established to be firmly committed and dedicated to all end users seeking excellence and commitment in construction services. It is our goal with each and every project we undertake to impart our utmost commitment to service quality by providing experience, stewardship and value engineering. Combined with these targets, is our passion to assure clients a focused and cost efficient completion to their project.

Our Team

It is a goal of the UMG Team to provide a leading edge level of service to any client. This is not only a focus of our efforts but a committed sense of ownership in constructing our team. All of our past experiences and knowledge have afforded us a wide and comprehensive perspective of client and consultant expectations, which we have used to create the foundation of our firm. Ultimately, it is our passion, experience and commitment directed to all projects (great and small), which will distinguish our team from the rest.


Our Advantage

As with all successful projects, a focused, committed and informed construction manager plays a key role to the overall success of the project. Decreasing and downtime to the project due to unforeseen site conditions is a commitment UMG targets. Our site supervisors and project managers communicate digital site photos of "any critical change orders or site conditions" directly to the designer, consultants and clients through our established site laptop computers. This immediacy saves time and aids in avoiding problems and delays before they have an opportunity to evolve, all while keeping communication lines open and active. We further make a commitment to provide turn around pricing of all contemplated change notices and change orders within a one day time frame. It is of great importance to our team, that there is no interruption to the overall project schedule, adv as a result of outstanding CCO's and CO's, awaiting pricing and approval. We believe keeping all parties within the Team updated and informed as quickly as possible, results in a clear and efficient path to a successful project.